“APKD and friends”


   “APKD and friends” is a corporation created in the name of people with kidney diseases and as such it is a corporation with non-economic profit. In this direction the Association does not pursue any commercial purposes and in no way put itself in the disposal of any mercantile interest.

   The main aim and sense of existence of the Association is to improve the life of people with kidney diseases and their relatives. Exactly in realization of this chief aim APKD communicate with plenty of trading companies and establish with them long-lasting and well-working relationships. This partnership finds expression in assisting the Association of its work and development. The funding comes from concrete projects and the granted money is transferring only trough bank account which is strictly controlled from an independent expert accountant.

   The mercantile independence is among the main values of the Association and is defend very jealously from the members of the Board.

   The PATIENT’S interest is put on pedestal and any other interest is subordinate and of secondary importance for the Association!

   The mercantile ambition and aim of any company, which is our partner, cannot be assisted or preferred before other company!

   “APKD and friends” , as a non government patient organization, is completely and perfectly independent from state institutions and medical corporations!

Sofia, Bulgaria
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B, 1 floor

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